If you stare into the Abyss long enough the Abyss stares back at you. - Friedrich Nietzsche

To some, the Abyss conjures up discomforting imagery of cackling devils, flickering fire, and eternal damnation. To others, it describes fathomless depths geographical, metaphorical, or emotional.  To still others, it is just another word describing a useless intellectual conceit.
To Shai Azul, the Abyss is the mirror that reflects the truth, whether you want it to or not.  
It shows us the core of what we really are, rather than what we hope or need ourselves to be.  
It peels away our defenses and avows that we are all contradictions.  We are, at different times, heroes and cowards; infernal and divine; selfless as saints and self-possessed as demons.   Paradoxes and riddles constrained by human skin.  
Shai Azul embraces these contradictions.  You will find puzzling, divergent elements in our music:  Male.  Female.  Melody.  Dissonance.  Harmony.  Abrasion.  Desire.  Rage.  Despair.  Hope.  
Because you and I?  We are all these things, and more.  
Set aside, for a moment, any sense of what should or should not be.  Let preconceived notions fall away.  And gaze into the mirror darkly.  
Besides, you never know.  The Abyss may wink back at you and whisper, “It’s a beautiful day.  Go play.”
Come.  Stare into the Abyss.